Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Grenada is an Established Member of the Flat Tax Club

Fearful that the political leadership in Grenada was about to create a mini-Cuba in the Eastern Caribbean, the United States invaded the island in 1983 and restored the status quo ante government to power.

Grenada's current income tax system is based on the Income Tax Act 36/1994.  It set a single rate of 30% on all income exceeding East Caribbean Dollars 60,000, about US$22,346.  (US$1 = XCD 2.685) The rate and threshold apply to salaried persons, sole proprietors, and professionals.  The 30% rate also applies to company profits.

There is no tax on capital gains or dividends.

Per capita income is in the neighborhood of US$6,200, which means that a substantial number of employed or self-employed of the Grenadian population (about 104,000) is not caught in the income tax net.

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