Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Iceland Abandons the Flat Tax

In the wake of its financial and economic crisis, Iceland modified its personal income tax.

Effective January 1, 2010, Iceland replaced its 35.7% flat-rate personal income tax (combined national and municipal) with three national rates: 24.1% on income up to ISK (Iceland Krona) 2,400,000; 27% on income between ISK 2,400,001 and ISK 7,800,000; and 33% on income exceeding ISK 7,800,001 (US$1=ISK 126.2). The additional municipal tax on these brackets ranges between 11.24% and 13.28% , putting the top personal rate at 46.28%.

It should be noted that Iceland’s flat-tax rate was the highest in the list of flat tax countries, some 10.7 percentage points above the next highest rate of 25%.

The corporate tax rate remains a flat 18%.


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